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Archie arrived about 45 mins ago

Archie arrived about 45 mins ago. Sorry, I haven’t had a chance to write until now as was introducing him to his new surroundings and just trying to settle him. He was very affectionate as you can imagine. I don’t know who was more excited to see whom – he or I!? I just wanted to say thank you to you both for making his transition to Australia so smooth and easy (for us, at any rate!). Thanks again. Kind regards, Clare


The girls arrived safely

The girls arrived safely and so far extremely excited to have a big garden to play in. Had a walk and loved all the new smells and hedgerows. Thank you for ensuring their journey was as stress free as possible and delivering them safely to us. Tomorrow will be a good walk through the fields.


Lily is doing great

My litle angel Lily is doing great, taking in her new home and happy to be with her family. It’s all really great! Thanks so much, Mira


Poppy & Honey over to Canada!

I would just like to say thank you so much for your help and support in transporting Poppy & Honey over to Canada! Probably the worst day of my life, but they arrived safe and sound and are now re-adjusting to new times and places. I cannot wait to catch them up next week. Could you please also pass on my thanks to Sean, he was lovely! Michele Deans

Thank you all so much for helping Nutty

Hi All
Thank you all so much for helping Nutty through his massive journey. He is pretty tired tonight after his domestic flight Little walk on the beach meeting his new mates and dinner. Wendy

Hawk made it safely to Atlanta

Just wanted to let you know Hawk made it safely to Atlanta and welcomed us happily upon our arrival. Thank you so much for your help!! You made everything go so much more smoothly than our move into the U.K and we are so grateful!  Thank you!


Suki Arrived Orlando Safely

A big thank you for getting Suki to Orlando safe and sound. She arrived tired but was soon exploring our new home and giving us cuddles. Thanks Cheryl for pointing out the heart murmur. Yes, our vet in England pointed it out during her check up in March so we are aware of it. Again, your help in relocating Suki is very appreciated and your service has been invaluable. Many thanks,

Monica Irisarri, Dom and Evan